Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Advanced Placement

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The Advanced Placement program allows US and Canadian students to study a particular course of study at an advanced level while still in high school. AP courses are a rigourous learning experience for high school students. The courses are challenging and stimulating typically requiring more work than the average high school course.

AP courses can aid students in being accepted into and succeeding in post-secondary programs. Students applying to American universities and colleges are strongly encouraged to take AP courses in their senior high school years. Students applying to Canadian universities and colleges also have the opportunity to impress Admissions Departments with a record of successful completion of AP courses.

AP Course Advantages:

  • AP courses accepted as first year credits at some universities.
  • Demonstrates the high academic level of VHS to universities and colleges
  • Success in AP courses demonstrates to universities and colleges the academic capabilities of student

University Credits

AP students will join a growing number of students from all over the world learning at a University level. Students take the AP exam in May of each calendar year. In each AP course, students can earn a Grade between 1 and 5 from the College Entrance Examination Board, New York, New York. Obtaining a Grade of 3, 4 or 5 in an AP course, places the student in a position to earn a University credit and/or granted an advanced placement in a particular University program. For example, a university could choose to allow a student to move directly into the second year of a course or program because the student has earned an AP credit, the equivalent of a first year course. Succeeding at an AP course could also make the difference in earning a sought-after scholarship.

Check out the AP courses currently offered by VHS.

Email or call Stephen Baker, Principal at VHS about the AP course you want to take. Discuss with him the course content, workload and any special prerequisites you may need.

All students register online from our website for the course or courses they wish to take. Students are usually in their course working away an hour after they register.