Whether you want to accelerate through high school, need to upgrade a mark from last year, or need to meet a prerequisite requirement for college or university, there are many reasons why taking an online course with Virtual High School this year could help you. 

1. Develop valuable post-secondary habits and skills.

Taking an online course in high school can help students to develop greater academic independence, more effective study habits, and the resilience to overcome academic challenges—all skills that lead to greater success in college or university.

For more on this point, check out Preparing for Post-Secondary Through Online Learning.

2. Study on your own schedule.

Training for an athletic career? Working part-time to save money for school? Performing in a band or local theatre group? We understand the challenge of balancing school, extracurricular activities, and everyday life. When you take a course with Virtual High School (VHS) you have the freedom to study when it’s convenient for you. No need to choose between school and the things you’re passionate about. With VHS, you can have it all.

3. Simplify your timetable.

If you have a timetable conflict or just want a spare period this semester, taking an online course streamline and simplify your timetable. You might also choose to register for a VHS course that isn’t offered at your school.

4. Prepare to meet the new OSSD requirement of taking 4 courses online.

The Ontario government announced plans to make it mandatory that Ontario students take 4 online OSSD credit courses in order to earn their diploma, beginning in the 2020-2021 school year. VHS welcomes proactive students who wish to prepare for this potential change in policy.