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In honour of International Women’s Day, we want to take the opportunity to celebrate some of our very own Virtual High School women in leadership roles. VHS is committed to helping create an equal world for all genders. We will raise awareness against bias, take action for equality, and celebrate women’s achievements. We choose to … Read More

Conversations about mental health are always important, and this year, they are even more so. Several years ago, I had depression and I developed many healthy ways to work towards healing. In addition to taking medication and talking with a therapist, I discovered things that helped me heal. Going to thrift stores gave me a … Read More

Welcome to the launch of Virtual High School’s Career Spotlight Series! The goal of this series is to introduce students to different types of careers, both familiar and unique, in order to build on the college and university program information that we present every fall in our Post-Secondary Info Series. A significant advantage of the … Read More

As you are keenly aware, this year has presented exceptional challenges for everyone—especially local charities that depend on fundraising events to help support those in need. The staff at Virtual High School and our sister company Bayfield Design wanted to offer their support to organizations that provide direct assistance to our local youth. We decided … Read More

A Day in the Life of an Online Student

Hi, I’m Amanda! You may remember me from my student spotlight: My Return to VHS. I was asked to share more about my experience as an online student to give you a better idea of what it’s like, or at least what it was like for me. Usually I was working on four courses at a time, … Read More

Early in the 20th century, decades before the internet and Virtual High School existed, distance education was in its infancy. For those living in remote communities in the Great White North, there were often no local schools to attend and no educators to teach important life skills like literacy and basic math. To find a … Read More

Educational programs provide great opportunities for students to gain experience and enrichment outside of school. At VHS, we encourage students to explore these opportunities and take advantage of the benefits they can have on their lives and education. Many program application deadlines for the spring and summer are quickly approaching, so we encourage all students … Read More

*Mr. Smallwood at the VHS building open house – 2012. For as long as we have existed, VHS has been fortunate enough to have had a supremely talented writer, editor, and English teacher in Mr. John Smallwood. His wealth of teaching experience and extensive support of students and their families have made him a valuable … Read More

Making a Plan

How many times have you heard, “you need a plan”?  Having a plan sets you up for success, but even better yet is to make your own plan.  Why? Likely up until now, teachers, parents, coaches, etc. have been setting deadlines and due dates for you. If you attend a bricks-and-mortar school, the timelines are set. … Read More

First semester classes are wrapping up across Ontario which means many students will soon be focusing on new courses for the second semester. With that in mind, it is important to reflect and ensure that you are on track to meet your academic goals for this school year. Did you earn the grades you were … Read More