Explore: 2019 Program

The Explore Program is put on by the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada. The program offers young people the opportunity to travel, learn, practice the French language, and experience new cultures. There are programs for ages 13–15 as well as for ages 16+.


The program for youth aged 13–15 is available during the summer in select cities across Canada. Individuals with any skill level in French are eligible for this experience. This is a great opportunity to not only improve French-language skills, but also meet new people and explore new regions of Canada. The program provides $2000 to help participants cover major expenses. Learn more.


The program for students aged 16+ is available in the spring and summer. Over 20 institutions across Canada offer the Explore program, providing students the opportunity to spend five weeks in a new region of Canada. This program helps participants develop their French skills to open up a whole new world of communication and connections. The program provides $2800 to help participants cover major expenses. To learn more about the courses, accommodation, and daily schedules, visit the Courses and Accommodation web page.


Early Bird Application Deadline: February 15, 2019

Learn more about the Explore Program: www.myexplore.ca