Fast-Tracking Through Uncertain Times

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  • on May 26, 2020.

“It’s fun learning chemistry from a distance,” Ashley says.

As the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, some students are using the extra study time at home to fast-track with online courses.

“I think it’s a really great way to spend your time,” says Ashley, a student at Forest Hill Collegiate. “We have so much free time, so why not have one less course next year, spend an hour or two learning, and be productive.”

Ashley recently signed on with Niteo (Ni-TAY-oh), a hybrid schooling company, to take Grade 11 courses online, one-on-one with a teacher. 

For the past five years, Niteo and Virtual High School (VHS) have been partners in education. Niteo creates individualized programs to fit each student’s schedule and learning style, and pairs students with teachers who provide guidance and in-person support to students throughout their online courses.

When Ontario schools closed in March, Ashley decided it would be prudent to use her time to lighten next year’s workload. She chose to take one of the heavy science courses off her plate.

“I really like chemistry, but I’ve always struggled with it,” Ashley says. “In Grade 9 Chemistry I was very lost the whole time. Now, I’m definitely doing better.

“It’s an amazing way to learn. Having my own private teacher helps me focus better and be more in the lesson. I can ask any questions that I have in the moment. I feel I get a lot more done in a shorter time.”

Her teacher, Naomi Rose, is very thorough, which Ashley is grateful for.

“She explains everything to me. If the lesson revolves around a math concept, we do some problems. If I’m confused about what to take notes on, she highlights what’s important. She’s really great.”

Ashley appreciates the unwavering support of Ms. Rose.

“She is always available. I can text or email her, and she’s always quick to respond.”

Ms. Rose says her students are thriving in Niteo’s online classroom.

“We can see each other face-to-face, share our screens, put solutions on a whiteboard—it’s a great way to learn.” She adds that Ashley is flying through the course.

Ashley’s mother, Genevieve, says Ashley has had such a positive experience with Niteo during the pandemic that she plans to enrol her son with Niteo to take Grade 9 Math.

“I think it’s a brilliant concept,” Genevieve says. She describes the positive impact it’s had on her children during the pandemic. “I think it makes the kids feel better that they’re doing something productive. Otherwise the days are quite long.”

“It’s given Ashley a purpose during this time,” she continues. “It’s nice for her to have something to work towards that will help make next year easier.”

Getting Ashley set up with Niteo and registered through VHS was a breeze.

“Literally within 24 hours she was enrolled, and she started the next day. It was seamless.”

Niteo founder, Michael Train, is passionate about student success.

“We take everything into consideration to help our Niteo students succeed, from each student’s budget to their personal learning style. That’s the benefit of one-on-one education. We can do what works best for you and your child.”

Ashley and Ms. Rose chat about atoms, electrons, and ions daily. They have formed a great bond, and the proof is in Ashley’s achievements. She is on track to complete her course in six weeks with a final mark in the 90s.

“It’s really exciting for me to see the difference,” she says, “especially because I have never done that well in science.”


Michael Train, founder of Niteo


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