cv-respectCAMH’s annual Mental Health Week is being celebrated across Canada this week in efforts to raise awareness about mental health and to encourage people to continue the conversation on the topic. This is no easy feat as mental health is still difficult for many to talk about. During this week, CAMH encourages everyone to “reflect on the advances in mental health, spread awareness about mental illness, and share stories of recovery.”

The focus of this year’s campaign is on integrating mental and physical health. Along those lines, a challenge has spread across social media, with many organizations and groups posting videos of their members dancing and, thus, embracing the shift to a more positive discussion of such topics.  Dancing, or any form of movement is an effective tool that promotes more positive mental attitudes for people of all ages.

Virtual High School was challenged by the cast of “Let’s Do Munsch” and, as always, VHS staff rose to the occasion. Not only did this challenge get the conversation started in our office, but it gave us something positive to do in celebration of mental health. Every one of us is affected by mental health either personally or through someone we care about. We challenge our students and teachers to post their own dance videos and to continue sparking conversations about mental health!