Going Once! Going Twice! Bid on a Course

Bid on enrollment in a Virtual High School (VHS) or Virtual Elementary School (VHS) course! 

We donated one enrollment to the Kinsmen and Kinette Clubs of Goderich and Clinton, Ontario for their annual auction to raise money for community projects. To provide some background, Kin Canada is a wonderful, Canada-wide organization with 500 clubs across the country. This club serves communities by sponsoring and hosting community projects. Since the Kin Clubs were founded, the organization has contributed over $1 billion to Canadian communities as well as disaster relief outside Canada. The Goderich Kin Club maintains a children’s playground and sponsors annual events such as Goderich’s Summerfest, an Easter egg hunt, parades, and more, while the Clinton Kin Club holds events such as the annual PlucKIN’fest, hockey pools, ladies’ nights, community breakfasts, and more. These events are important activities in our communities, and we are happy to again contribute to the auction and to the work of dedicated Kin members.

The winning bidder can choose to enroll in any one our 75+ grade 5 – 12 courses which are valued at up to $579 each. The courses from grades 5 – 8 are delivered by Virtual Elementary School. Interested bidders can compete in this auction on Saturday, March 3rd, 2018 at 8:00 pm. The auction for our course will last 15 minutes. Bids can be entered online at the Live Bidding Website (which will be active during the auction).

The course is listed here, along with the other items being auctioned during our time slot. Hundreds of other items are being auctioned during this 2-day auction. We encourage you to take a look at the other items as well.

Happy bidding!