Happy World Teachers’ Day

We celebrate World Teachers’ Day every year on October 5th to recognize the commitment teachers make to educating students around the world. Teachers work in a variety of settings and experience a range of challenges. All teachers, however, are united in aiding and promoting student success and continuing the development of education. We called on the various teams at VHS to share what impact they see our teachers making in education. Here is what our Department Heads shared:

Virtual High School and Virtual Elementary School teachers are the heart of our learning community. The support they offer students and the passion they bring to their teaching practice helps foster an inclusive, approachable, and caring learning environment. The students may not sit in a classroom where they can put their hands up to ask a question, but VHS teachers are sure to make students feel welcome. The ongoing care and communication that teachers provide helps students feel a part of the VHS learning community.

We recognize and appreciate that VHS teachers work hard to support student goals. They are not only committed to academic success but also to maintaining the mental health and well-being of our students. They often go above and beyond developing new ways to reach students, whether it’s a thoughtful welcome package, innovative feedback strategies, or creative solutions for accommodating individual educational needs. The feedback and encouragement that our students receive is truly inspiring. We learn from VHS teachers every day just as our students do, and we are thankful to have such caring individuals as a part of our educational team.

Great teachers have a positive influence on students, and we are privileged to have 98 wonderful teachers at Virtual High School! We encourage you to learn about some of our teachers and how they are contributing to education: read our Teacher Spotlights.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our teachers, each of whom demonstrates tremendous dedication to student success every day. Happy World Teachers’ Day to teachers around the world!