What do you get when a music management company/record label, a non-profit dedicated to professional music industry development, and a principal walk into a school?

One of the coolest online courses ever, that’s what!

The Music Business course was first conceived of by Coalition Music and Canada’s Music Incubator (CMI)—two organizations that care deeply about making music and business education more accessible to students. Together, they had a vision to create a resource that would prepare aspiring creatives for post-secondary education and a future career in the music industry. They wanted to share their decades of music industry experience with high school students to let them know that you don’t need to be a musician to have an exciting and successful career in the music industry. They set out to create a way to introduce students to the workings of the music industry and show them the available pathways for careers both onstage and offstage through developing business skills and knowledge that could be transferred to any industry.

Coalition Music and CMI partnered with educators to create The Music Business, a unique interdisciplinary studies course that would complement other business and music courses—a course where technical musical ability would not be a prerequisite. It first launched in a handful of lucky schools in 2011, and students have been loving it ever since.

There was only one problem. Unless you attended one of the few schools that offered this course, it wasn’t available to you. Until now!

Coalition Music and CMI wanted every student to have the opportunity to benefit from this course. That’s where Virtual High School came in! When Coalition Music and CMI met with our principal, Mr. Baker, he loved their passion and vision. It reminded him of his own passion for education and why he created Virtual High School in the first place. We began our partnership with Coalition Music and CMI. Our academic team worked with Coalition Music and CMI to bring their concept into the realm of online learning as only we can. It’s true what they say: teamwork makes the dream work.



Through the lens of music, this course integrates a variety of core learning disciplines such as marketing, law, technology, data analysis, communications, and finance. The Music Business starts you on a path that will prepare you to establish a career as an artist entrepreneur or a music and creative industries professional.

IDC4U The Music Business is now available online to students worldwide, exclusively from Virtual High School. Register today!


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                                                  About Canada’s Music Incubator

Canada’s Music Incubator (CMI) is a Toronto-based national not-for-profit organization specializing in professional development and ongoing mentorship for artists, managers, and music companies. Launched in 2012, CMI supports over 1,000 music entrepreneurs of all genres in the development of long-term careers and sustainable businesses and has provided over 10,000 hours of professional development programs and one-on-one mentorship. CMI’s Live Events department works with private and community partners across the country curating paid performance opportunities for artists. To date, CMI has programmed 500+ shows and paid nearly $900,000 directly to artists. CMI also advocates on behalf of music sector infrastructure development and creative entrepreneurship education in high schools. For more information, please visit Canada’s Music Incubator.


About Coalition Music

As an artist management company and an independent record company, Coalition Music boasts partnerships with some of Canada’s most lauded artists, who have sold over 15 million albums with over one billion digital downloads and streams. Our Lady Peace, Simple Plan, The Tea Party, USS, and Scott Helman are only a few of Coalition Music’s internationally successful clients. Coalition Music’s Toronto-based headquarters are in a 12,000-square-foot former convent that houses not only their management and record companies, but also their recording studios, rehearsal spaces, a large performance space (the Chapel), and the one-of-a-kind not-for-profit that they co-founded—Canada’s Music Incubator—where musicians can create, evolve, and learn. For more information, please visit Coalition Music.


About Virtual High School

VHS is a private online high school offering ministry-inspected Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credit courses to students all over the world. Because of VHS’s asynchronous model, students can register for any course at any time and work at their own pace. Each course contains instructional content that covers all the Ontario curriculum expectations and has been carefully designed by VHS’s content development team. All VHS writers and developers are experienced, qualified teachers in their respective fields, and each is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers. The self-paced courses flex to your schedule, your time zone, and your learning needs. For more information, please visit Virtual High School.