Run4Kids is Back!

Virtual High School is excited to announce the return of our popular Run4Kids fundraising event! Beginning in 2012, VHS has held an annual run to generate donations for Make-a-Wish Southwestern Ontario. After a hiatus due to pandemic restrictions, we’re back at it this year to raise money for one of our favourite local, non-profit charities. … Read More

At Virtual High School, we love to celebrate the talents and accomplishments of our amazing student community. That’s why we’re so excited to share Mohammadamin Tabari Nia’s story, which will showcase how this bright, young man was able to earn a University of Toronto scholarship worth $100,000! Originally from Iran, Mohammadamin moved to Canada on … Read More

“What’s the point of this?”: How many times has this question been heard in high school English classes! While it’s true that reading a 500-year-old text (yes, we’re looking at you, Shakespeare!) can provide a window into the historical period, the author, and the language, it’s also true that good literature from any era allows … Read More

College admissions season is well underway at Virtual High School as our students eagerly await their acceptance letters from their chosen programs. We’re always amazed by the fascinating programs that our students select each year, with fields ranging from sports marketing to fish and wildlife conservation to creative writing. We got the chance to check … Read More

Have questions about Ontario’s online learning requirement for graduation?? We’ve got you covered! Check out some of our most frequently asked questions about this new policy. Don’t forget that ALL Virtual High School credits count towards the online learning requirement! What is the online learning requirement in Ontario? Students must successfully complete the equivalent of … Read More

When you hear the phrase “rewriting history”, what comes to mind first? It’s often used to indicate that the victors in a conflict have glossed over details to make their actions seem more honourable. If you spin the tale just right, nothing seems as bad or as corrupt or as violent as it really was. … Read More

Interested in learning more about how you can give back AND earn community involvement hours for your diploma requirement? Let’s take a look at why the Ontario Ministry of Education has a volunteer component for its diploma and explore some ways that you can get involved with local organizations! Why does Ontario have a community … Read More

Many Virtual High School students in Grade 12 are currently in the process of applying to colleges and universities for fall 2023 admission. If you’re looking for a place to start your research on post-secondary institutions and the programs they offer, check out VHS alum Lilly Sato’s story about her journey to the University of … Read More

At VHS, we want to see you maximize your success in the courses you take with us, which is why we created our online tutoring service! In addition to the feedback provided by your teacher, the online tutoring service is designed to offer personalized, prompt answers to questions you may have about topics in your … Read More

Ever wondered what it’s like to earn your Ontario Secondary School Diploma online? Meet Laura Kohlsmith. She’s a recent graduate who completed almost all of her 30 OSSD credits at VHS, earned the Ontario Scholar Certificate, and is now deep into her studies at York University. Let’s learn more about her tips and tricks for … Read More