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Let’s examine key study skills so you can avoid the temptation to take short cuts when writing papers, listening to instructional videos or lectures, or studying for quizzes, tests, or exams. Working with credible sources will allow you to create writing and presentations that reflect valid ideas and research. Consider the following questions: Who created … Read More

Learning to think and work independently is all part of the educational process. At VHS, we expect our students to take responsibility for their work and all of their actions in their courses. Sometimes the expectations to obtain a certain grade or meet a tight deadline leaves students feeling pressured to take short cuts and … Read More

The persuasive essay, the lab report, the informative presentation – all of these tasks involve putting forth your ideas in efforts to convince others or to reveal what you’ve found in your research. In all cases, whether in your science, music, history, English or other courses, the support you gather, that is, the information you … Read More

Using secondary sources effectively in your writing is an important academic skill to develop. It can be done by paraphrasing ideas from others or by using direct quotations from original sources. In either case, the source must be cited, and each referencing style has its own guidelines. Let’s take a closer look at these two … Read More

It’s Tuesday. You’re heading to play practice from soccer practice when you suddenly remember that today is exactly one week from the date your grades are due for your college application! You have only three or four assignments left . . . everything should be fine! You arrive home after soccer practice to discover that … Read More

MLA, APA – what do these letters mean? Chicago’s a city, right? The Modern Languages Association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA), and Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) are the 3 referencing styles used at Virtual High School. Each subject has a required style that should be used to properly cite the research used in your … Read More