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Now that the colder weather is upon us in Ontario, we’re already reminiscing about warmer, sunnier times when we could do our favourite things with our favourite people. Golf is one of the sports that became extremely popular over the past two summers with COVID-19 restrictions in place, as many of our VHS staff members … Read More

Mastering math can be a tall order for many students. For volleyball player Ishaan Thandi, that was one tall order for the 6’1″ teen attacked head-on and triumphed, with assist by Niteo Hybrid Schooling. Ishaan has played with the Mississauga-based Pakmen Volleyball Club since he was in Grade 7. Averaging marks in the 90s, the … Read More

Meet Anna Turkington, a grade 8 Virtual Elementary School student pursuing her dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer. With an abundance of talent and the support of her parents, Anna moved from Toronto to Philadelphia at age 11 to attend the internationally acclaimed Rock School for Dance Education, an institution that many world-class dancers … Read More

Virtual High School is a diverse school with students of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles. Our asynchronous school model works particularly well for student-athletes. VHS’s self-paced model accommodates the busy training regimens of these students. Being a student-athlete in high school can be exhausting. Between classes, homework, training, and competitions, who has time to think … Read More

Meet Connor Scognamillo, who has been skiing since he was 3 years old! In the beginning, he enjoyed downhill skiing during annual family vacations to New Hampshire. When he was 6, Connor and his family moved from England to Canada. Here in Canada, he discovered freestyle skiing, which soon became his biggest passion. Connor joined the Mansfield Ski Club and … Read More

Kinesiology: the study of human movement. Virtual High School now offers PSK4U, Introduction to Kinesiology, which is a grade 12 university level course that focuses on the study of human movement and development. By looking at the systems, factors, and principles that are involved in movement and development, students will learn about the effects of … Read More

Mr. Stephen Armitage calls himself an Ultimate Frisbee player. We call him the ultimate teacher! Education Stephen earned his B.Sc. in Theoretical Physics in 2005, his M.Sc. in Medical Biophysics in 2008, and his B.Ed. in 2009. During his Master’s program, his project was based on optimizing a micro computed-tomography scanning protocol for pre-clinical studies of … Read More

We’d like you to meet Jess Wylie, a grade 10 student who is taking courses with VHS, while attending a private school in Whitby full-time. She has recently developed a passion for school and can’t wait to head off to university where she looks forward to being more independent! For now, she keeps busy with rowing, … Read More

Meet Ethan Rigby! Ethan lives in Arva, Ontario with his family. He is currently in grade 11 at his day school where he is working in Peer Leading for the Developmental Education classes, playing percussion for the senior and jazz bands, and competing with the wrestling and track teams. This year, Ethan is also excited to be … Read More

Meet Megan Pitre! Megan has been a student at Virtual High School for 3 years. Enrolling at Virtual High School in grade 9 enabled Megan to spend more time training for competitive show jumping. She is currently competing and training in Florida while completing her remaining grade 11 courses. Megan values the flexibility that studying with VHS … Read More