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Every student encounters different challenges while striving to get into the post-secondary school of their choice or earn their OSSD. Virtual High School’s understanding of this resulted in their fundamental practice of offering self-paced, flexible—anywhere, anytime—OSSD credit courses. One significant challenge students encounter is that they need to earn a credit quickly. When this happens, … Read More

With such competitive post-secondary admissions averages in Ontario, high school students are under great pressure to earn strong grades if they want to attend their preferred university or college program. This results in many bricks-and-mortar high school students finding themselves a few percentage grades below what is required for their post-secondary admission, and with few … Read More

It’s important, and sometimes difficult, to decide which courses to take. The most important thing to do when selecting courses is to plan early. High school course decisions begin in Grade 8 as students prepare to enter Grade 9. The choice between applied and academic streams can significantly affect a student’s path throughout high school and during … Read More

To help inform our students about exciting post-secondary options, VHS hosted several live, online info sessions this fall with representatives from universities and colleges across Ontario. If you are interested in learning more about any of the post-secondary institutions below, be sure to watch the recorded info session and comment with any questions or feedback … Read More

Do you wonder what should go in your university application package? The first place to look is your program’s web page on the institution’s website. Comprehensive research on the qualities that are considered to be desirable by your program’s admissions committee can prove to be very rewarding in the long run. To help with that, … Read More

It’s October, and most students are well into the new school year. Most graduating students will be asking themselves the big questions: What should I do after high school? What line of work is right for me? Should I go to college or university? Begin an apprenticeship? Take a year off? Jump right into the … Read More

Virtual High School is thrilled to announce a brand new course offering: SNC4M, Science, a grade 12 university/college preparation course. This course enables students, including those pursuing post-secondary programs that do not focus solely on the sciences, to increase their understanding of science and issues in health-related fields. Students will explore nutritional science, pathogens and … Read More

Co-Op Student Spotlight: Kevin

My name is Kevin den Dunnen, and I am a Student Content Developer here at Virtual High School (VHS). I have lived just outside Goderich, Ontario my entire life. I consider myself an athletic person, playing competitive soccer across Western Ontario, racing motocross, going to the gym, and swimming. My hobbies include staying involved in new … Read More

Virtual High School is excited to announce the launch of a new course: MCT4C, Mathematics for College Technology.  This grade 12 college level course prepares students for many careers in technology-related fields. This course expands on the concept of functions introduced in grade 11 and introduces several new concepts such as logarithms, trigonometric functions, and … Read More

Virtual High School now offers a new edition of BAF3M, Financial Accounting Fundamentals, a grade 11 university/college level course that enables students to gain an understanding of business concepts and to achieve financial literacy by studying accounting principles. This course presents students with opportunities to exercise skills in financial analysis and decision-making, both of which are … Read More