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Data Scientist: part analyst, part artist. Virtual High School now offers IDC4U, Data Science, which is a grade 12 university level course that combines 3 disciplines: Business, Computer Programming, and Statistics.  This course was written and developed in collaboration with IBM and Fireside Analytics to bring #BigData to the high school level. This course presents students … Read More

Virtual High School will begin offering a Data Science course in July of 2016. As mentioned in our previous blog post, this course provides students with the knowledge and tools they need to analyze and visualize data. This course presents students with opportunities to exercise skills that are in high demand while gaining experience in … Read More

This summer, Virtual High School will launch a brand new Data Science course! What is data science? Data Science is a growing field, but one that has had only limited exposure at the high school level. VHS wants to help change that. Throughout this course, students will gain practical experience with data science tools and … Read More