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The Virtual High School community has the wonderful privilege of getting to explore the world through our domestic and international students’ eyes. This month, Grade 12 student Graci Bailey is giving us a peek at life on Prince Edward Island along the East coast of Canada. Come along! You don’t even need to hop on … Read More

Ontario Universities’ Fair 2019

Planning to attend university next year? Not sure which school is right for you? Be sure to check out the Ontario Universities’ Fair happening September 27–29, 2019 (10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily) at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. This is the only event where you can see ALL Ontario universities in one place at one time, and it … Read More

Meet Ericka Lugtu, one of our grade 12 students, moved from Alberta to Ontario and enrolled at VHS. Since the curriculum in Alberta differs from that of Ontario, Ericka thought that online, self-paced learning would be the best option for her. This plan would give her the necessary time to adjust to the new curriculum. … Read More

Pre-Race Jitters: You’ve worked to do your best in your bricks-and-mortar school, you’ve had that part-time job to help with expenses after graduating, you’ve been on a team, in a club, on a school trip and. . .wait. . .the deadline for university or college admissions is in the next three or four weeks! Your … Read More

Lego is awesome! Just about everyone has spent some time assembling the colourful little blocks. Only a few pieces and you can make a huge variety of shapes. Take a look at the three figures below. Each is made from the same set of blocks: four yellow 1×2’s, one green 4×4, and one red 1×1. But … Read More