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July 1st marks an important day in Canada’s history: It’s the anniversary of our becoming a nation 150 years ago. As we celebrate this milestone by wearing red and white, waving our flags with pride, and spending time enjoying the beautiful land on which we live, let’s reflect on some of the defining moments in … Read More

Virtual High School now offers a new edition of CHA3U, American History, a grade 11 university level course that enables students to gain an understanding of the social, economic, political, and cultural development of the United States from colonization to the present. CHA3U provides students with the opportunity to learn about the contributions that various … Read More

Photo by Martin Block, Toronto. Meet Andrew Yin, a grade twelve student from Toronto, Ontario. Andrew’s childhood was spent moving back and forth between China and Canada. His most recent move brought him back to Toronto where he has been since the second semester of grade 9. His dream after high school is to attend a … Read More

Virtual High School is pleased to announce the launch of its revised version of World History to the End of the Fifteenth Century, CHW3M. This engaging and exciting world history course takes students on a journey from prehistory to 1500 CE.  The course begins by discussing the study of history and by looking at some of … Read More