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Making a Plan

How many times have you heard, “you need a plan”?  Having a plan sets you up for success, but even better yet is to make your own plan.  Why? Likely up until now, teachers, parents, coaches, etc. have been setting deadlines and due dates for you. If you attend a bricks-and-mortar school, the timelines are set. … Read More

Terry Fox Humanitarian Award

Applications are now being accepted for the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award. This award is open to students of all abilities and fields of study. To be considered for the award, you must Be in good academic standing Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada Be graduating from high school, be completing your first … Read More

After his life took a sudden turn several years ago, Kyle Farwell decided to go back to school. Kyle worked as a personal trainer in the health and fitness industry for many years. After sustaining a spinal cord injury, he made the tough decision to pursue a new career helping others with spinal cord injuries … Read More

Jessica eagerly began the Final Module of her English course. First assignment: Short Story. She grabbed a piece of paper and a pen to brainstorm the key elements. An hour later, Jessica sat staring blankly at her desk amidst a heap of crumpled papers. Disillusioned and frustrated, she decided to grab a snack and start again. … Read More

You’re enrolled in a self-paced, online course. Where do you start? How will you maintain focus? One really important thing to remember about this style of learning is that the self-motivation and self-direction required to complete the course are excellent life skills that will be of benefit to you long after you have finished your work with VHS. … Read More

Choose a Growth Mindset

Late one Thursday afternoon Duncan anxiously waited to hear how he had done on his recent assignment … *Ping* … 56%. Duncan’s fixed mindset story: Only 56%? Yikes! Didn’t I do any better than that? How did that happen? Everybody else probably aced it, but I didn’t. All that time and effort—what a waste. My parents are … Read More

When I went to high school, my goal was to be accepted into the post-secondary program of my choice. Then in university, my goal was to graduate and then enter the workforce. To be honest, I struggled through my first year of university. In reflecting on my experiences, I wonder what my high school teachers … Read More

Meet Misti, a high school student and nationally ranked athlete. Despite injuries and the challenges that come with traveling while studying, Misti is a highly successful gymnast and an exceedingly capable student. Misti in the Gym At age 8, Misti began gymnastics. At that time, her favourite activity was to jump on trampolines. At 11, … Read More

This month we are focusing on the growth mindset. Many people perceive intelligence as a fixed trait; however, research shows that intelligence is developed through experience and persistence. Adopting a growth mindset can lead to greater motivation and self-actualization.  Practice a growth mindset in the following ways:    Accept failure, and understand why every failure … Read More

When you think of e-learning, you might not associate it with paper and pencil, but many students also now use  different new tools in addition to their course content for learning online. An alternative to the traditional method that is gaining popularity in education is the use of whiteboards, or non-permanent surfaces, to replace pencil … Read More