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At Virtual High School, we know just how quickly costs can add up when you venture off to college or university! Launched in 2021, the Sommerville Scholarship was created to help alleviate some of those financial concerns for students choosing to pursue programs in the areas of history, geography, politics, or economics. Named for one … Read More

Looking for some extra help with those steep college and university price tags? Check out our new scholarship! Named after one of Virtual High School’s most dedicated teachers, the Sommerville Scholarship was designed to assist students pursuing post-secondary studies in history, geography, economics, or politics with tuition and expenses. Awarded annually, the scholarship is valued … Read More

Julie Ann Elizabeth O’Rourke was a person who loved life and shared her joy for life with those who knew her. She was pre-eminently successful as a scholar and an artist, provided deep insight into any challenge of the heart, and never missed an opportunity to bring friends and family together. She was a photographer … Read More

Bursary Deadline Approaching

The John Smallwood Bursary makes VHS courses accessible to deserving students by offering the full tuition cost of one VHS course to a student who is economically disadvantaged. The bursary is awarded in January, March, May, July, September, and November of each year. Students must apply for the bursary by the 15th of the awarding month … Read More

The Julie O’Rourke Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Julie by her parents following a three-year battle with cancer. The award is valued at $1000 and intended to offset expenses for a student pursuing post-secondary studies in the fine arts. Julie loved life and could make you love yours. She was a scholar and … Read More

Virtual High School is a diverse school with students of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles. Our asynchronous school model works particularly well for student-athletes. VHS’s self-paced model accommodates the busy training regimens of these students. Being a student-athlete in high school can be exhausting. Between classes, homework, training, and competitions, who has time to think … Read More

Ôdré Lefebvre travelled to Virtual High School on 19 October 2011 to receive congratulations on being the first recipient of the $1,000 Julie O’Rourke Memorial Scholarship from the faculty and staff of Virtual High School. Ôdré has been awarded this scholarship because she demonstrated exemplary artistic achievement in a variety of media; and more importantly, … Read More

Julie O’Rourke Scholarship

Julie Ann Elizabeth O’Rourke was one of those rare people who loved life and could make you love yours, was pre-eminently successful as a scholar and an artist, provided deep insight into any challenge of the heart and brought together diverse friends and family in the name of perennial celebration, all at once. Julie had … Read More

John Smallwood has been a writer and teacher for VHS since its creation in 1997. He brings over three decades of high school experiences to the teaching of his online English courses. He also currently is teaching English at the University of Western Ontario making him intimately aware of the need to prepare high school … Read More