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Some of Our Tuition Fees Are Changing

On April 1, 2018, some of our tuition fees are changing: Grade 9 tuition is increasing from $449 to $479 per course. Grade 10 tuition is decreasing from $499 to $479 per course – Actually, it already has! Enroll at this lower rate today. Grade 11 tuition is increasing from $549 to $579. Grade 12 … Read More

Win a FREE Course!

The second semester is about to begin for many students and Virtual High School (VHS) is offering free tuition for one course (valued at up to $579) to one lucky student! VHS may be a great option for you for any of the following reasons: to meet a prerequisite requirement for high school, college, or university … Read More

UPDATE (September 14, 2016): It’s your lucky day! The draw is back on for 2 additional free courses! The draw was performed one day earlier than originally listed in the posts. To make up for this error, we are offering 2 ADDITIONAL FREE course registrations. The same rules apply, but the deadline to enter is now … Read More

Tuition Fee Notice

On June 1, 2016, the tuition fee for grade 12 courses at Virtual High School will be changing from $549 to $579. All Grade 9, 10, and 11 tuition fees will remain the same. Current and former students will be able to take advantage of our loyalty program until August 31, 2016. WHY ARE TUITION FEES CHANGING? … Read More

Virtual Elementary School (VES) has launched a new website! Our team has worked hard to develop a new and improved website for our elementary school division. We invite you to visit the site at www.virtualelementaryschool.com. We’ve also added a new feature at VES for parents of our students. Parents will be given their own logins through which they … Read More

Win a FREE Course! (UPDATED)

The second semester is about to begin at bricks and mortar schools . . . and in some cases, already has! With these new courses beginning for many students, Virtual High School (VHS) is offering a free VHS course, valued at up to $549, to one student! We will cover the entire tuition fee for a … Read More

John Smallwood has been a writer and teacher for VHS since its creation in 1997. He brings over three decades of high school experiences to the teaching of his online English courses. He also currently is teaching English at the University of Western Ontario making him intimately aware of the need to prepare high school … Read More