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Looking for summer school options? Have a tight college or university deadline to meet? Need to finish one last credit to graduate? Want to lighten your course load for the fall? We’ve got you covered at Virtual High School! The beauty of the asynchronous model at VHS is that while you’re making plans to hit … Read More

Summer school tends to have a bit of a bad reputation, right? The movies would have you picture it as endless days of boredom in a sweaty classroom with a fan that never quite blows directly at you. Now imagine planning your education around your summer plans instead of trying to squeeze in time with … Read More

With such competitive post-secondary admissions averages in Ontario, high school students are under great pressure to earn strong grades if they want to attend their preferred university or college program. This results in many bricks-and-mortar high school students finding themselves a few percentage grades below what is required for their post-secondary admission, and with few … Read More

It is commonly referred to as summer school, but taking courses over the summer with Virtual High School (VHS) is no different from taking courses with us at any other time of year. VHS offers ongoing enrollment and self-paced courses, allowing students to decide when to enroll and how they complete their courses, whether that be during … Read More

Upgrade Courses Now Available

Virtual High School, the largest private online high school in Canada, announced today that it will be offering all 57 of its online courses to students as an upgrade course option. Typically students would take an upgrade credit course for one of two reasons: (1) they failed the course (with a minimum mark of 35%) … Read More