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Meet Anna Turkington, a grade 8 Virtual Elementary School student pursuing her dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer. With an abundance of talent and the support of her parents, Anna moved from Toronto to Philadelphia at age 11 to attend the internationally acclaimed Rock School for Dance Education, an institution that many world-class dancers … Read More

Ms. Robar’s dog, Bing (left), and the view from her dock (right). Joanne Robar has been a member of the Virtual High School (VHS) and Virtual Elementary School (VES) teams since July of 2017. Ms. Robar has been teaching for 24 years in a wide variety of spaces and places. In addition to her work at VHS … Read More

Virtual Elementary School is Virtual High School’s sister school and offers online elementary level courses to students living anywhere in the world.  A common question that Virtual Elementary School (VES) receives is “How can my family use VES in our homeschooling plan?” The short answer is that VES is similar to using a textbook to learn … Read More

Ms. Jaime Nobes has an exciting role teaching language, math, and science in Virtual Elementary School (VES) in addition to teaching SCH3U in Virtual High School (VHS). Teaching is, for Ms. Nobes, her second career, one which she has been enjoying for the past 12 years. Her first career began after she earned her Honours Degree in Biology … Read More

Non-homeschoolers often have many comments or questions about your decision to educate your children at home. They may be making conversation and are genuinely interested in the educational path you have chosen, or they may be totally opposed to your desire to homeschool. Such critics may have deeply ingrained beliefs because they are used to conventional … Read More

Making the decision to homeschool can be overwhelming for families, especially if they’re not sure where to begin. As providers of online homeschooling options, Virtual Elementary School and Virtual High School receive questions every day about homeschooling and how to begin. We’d like to share with you the top five things we think you should know … Read More

Virtual Elementary School (VES) has launched a new website! Our team has worked hard to develop a new and improved website for our elementary school division. We invite you to visit the site at www.virtualelementaryschool.com. We’ve also added a new feature at VES for parents of our students. Parents will be given their own logins through which they … Read More

Virtual High School (VHS) and Virtual Elementary School (VES) are online schools located in Bayfield, Ontario. VHS’s office is home to administration and content development for both schools, while all of the teachers work remotely. The schools offer excellent opportunities for teacher candidates in VHS and VES, both of which  offer high-quality online courses to students … Read More

When you think of e-learning, you might not associate it with paper and pencil, but many students also now use  different new tools in addition to their course content for learning online. An alternative to the traditional method that is gaining popularity in education is the use of whiteboards, or non-permanent surfaces, to replace pencil … Read More

Virtual High School is pleased to announce the formation of an entirely new school providing Ontario based content for elementary learners, Virtual Elementary School (VirtualElementarySchool.com). Virtual Elementary School is a validated private school in the Province of Ontario. VES courses have been designed with the Ontario Ministry of Education’s curriculum as their foundation. VES is open … Read More