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People always ask what sets us apart from other online schools. We usually mention three things: our flexible model, exceptional customer service, and outstanding teachers. Our certified teachers help VHS students to succeed every day. Because our students depend on our teachers, VHS offers annual professional development opportunities to our teaching staff. It’s how we … Read More

Whether you want to accelerate through high school, need to upgrade a mark from last year, or need to meet a prerequisite requirement for college or university, there are many reasons why taking an online course with Virtual High School this year could help you.  1. Develop valuable post-secondary habits and skills. Taking an online … Read More

Virtual High School is like a traditional, Ontario, bricks and mortar school in many ways.  Like a traditional school, we offer quality high school courses for OSSD credits, and provide our students with administration services like report cards, transcripts, and course counselling.  We pride ourselves on the quality student experience that our teachers provide. The difference, however, is that unlike many … Read More