Virtual High School is happy to announce that we now offer FREE TUTORING with all of our courses. As of March 1, 2017, each course includes 24/7 access to unlimited, on-demand, online tutoring at no additional cost to students. This service will be available to all presently enrolled and new VHS students and is provided by GradeSlam, a renowned and highly respected tutoring company that is already being used in many conventional schools. Having additional support available 24/7 will benefit many students in their studies. Plus, with our self-paced, on-demand courses, offering this new service is a perfect fit for us and our students. 

In addition to the tutoring service, students will continue to have the support of their teacher(s), whom they can email anytime to receive a response within a day. This new tutoring, in addition to the routine support from our teaching and administrative staff, is something we are justifiably excited about as this additional tutoring service will ensure greater student success. In particular, we are happy to be able to offer this service at no additional cost to all of our students. This ensures that all students will receive the individual support they need when they need it. 

How does it work?

Students will have access to GradeSlam tutoring via the learning environment. As a chat-based tutoring service, GradeSlam uses SMS texting and the GradeSlam Online Classroom to reach students. The service is unlimited, on-demand, and available 24/7 for the majority of subject areas*. GradeSlam tutors are proficient in all subject areas offered by Virtual High School. When students need assistance, they upload a file, description, or image of the lesson or assignment to GradeSlam’s chat box. Tutors will help students with any questions they have about the topic under study, but do not provide students with answers. All sessions are saved on students’ personal GradeSlam dashboards and are monitored by Virtual High School. Students will not be permitted to utilize the tutoring service during the final exam.


We are excited about bringing GradeSlam on board as we work together to support our students and foster their success. Please contact our administrative team if you have any questions about this new service:



*On rare occasions, a tutor may not be instantly available in subject areas that have lower demand.

  • Cody

    How do I submit my work and how dose it get graded

    • Hi Cody: All assignments are submitted to the online dropbox in the learning environment. Quizzes and test are also completed online within the learning environment. Students will have a certified teacher throughout the course who provides feedback and grading on assessments. Grading is completed within 5 days or within 7 days depending on the course. We would be happy to answer any other questions you have!