Exam season can be stressful! Did you know that stress can actually impair your ability to perform your best on the test? Here are a few things you can do to decrease your stress to maximize your ability to succeed!

1) Calm Your Mind and Body

Anxiety is the feeling you get when you worry about events that could happen in the future, and results in both mental and physical side effects. You can combat these feelings by refocusing your mind on the moment through doing different breathing and physical activities.
Next time you are anxious, find an open space and work through breathing and gentle exercises that Jen teaches you in this video.

2) Study In Advance

Decrease stress leading up to your exams by starting to study weeks before you write. This allows time to ask content-clarifying questions of your teachers or tutors, and leads to a less overwhelming last push prior to the exam date. Cramming is scamming yourself out of knowledge you want to have!

3) Treat Your Mind and Body

Keep doing things that your body and mind enjoy doing! Continue to treat yourself by going to a sports team practice/game, spending time with family and friends, or playing video games. Maintaining this balance will help you keep some normality in your life even though it is a stressful time of year.

4) Find Time to Rest

Finding balance between studying and life beyond school also helps you to tire your mind and body so that you can get restful, deep sleep. Your mind is much more effective and efficient at recalling knowledge and solving problems when you are well rested.

5) Be Mindful and Stay in the Moment

Calming your mind and focusing on the task at hand will help you study well while studying, and write well while in the exam. Focus on your breathing when you start to feel overwhelmed, and take each task, chapter, or question, one at a time.

6) Believe in Yourself

Remember to believe in yourself! You worked and studied hard leading up to the exam and did everything you could to prepare. You have learned the content, and studied your hardest, so believe in yourself and rock that exam!