Virtual High School is pleased to announce the launch of an updated version of CGC1D, Issues in Canadian Geography. This course features brand-new content presented in a fresh, new style. As we continue to launch and relaunch courses at VHS, all courses will be updated with this new style.

In our new version of CGC1D, students examine concepts from the perspective of a geographer by analyzing interactive maps and geographical data. Students will investigate current issues surrounding resource use, planning, and sustainable development, and they will engage in several geographic inquiries that address real-world problems. They are given many opportunities to reflect on how geography-related issues manifest in the world around them.

Course Highlights
  • Learning about tools that geographers use and becoming familiar with the geographic inquiry process
  • Exploring the different geographic regions of Canada, the various climates and landforms, and the relationships between the land and human activity
  • Investigating Canada’s geographical make-up and how it influences the Canadian economy
  • Exploring Canada’s interactions within global economies and what practices are being implemented to ensure Canada has sustainable economic prosperity in the future
  • Learning about demographics and the influences of immigration, urbanization, and aging populations as well as the different strategies that nations adopt to balance the impacts of various population trends
  • Realizing the different challenges urban planners face and the considerations they must make in order to create healthy, sustainable, functional communities
Screenshots from CGC1D
New Features

There are a variety of interactive maps, graphs, and charts that display geographical data in engaging ways. Practice quizzes and activities are sprinkled throughout the course to help reinforce key ideas and concepts while students are learning them.

Future Studies

Students who enjoy this course might be inspired to pursue the careers highlighted in the content. Some of these career titles include geologist, meteorologist, humanitarian aid worker, immigration settlement worker, species at risk specialist, urban planner, and many others.

Visit the demo course to check out some of the new lesson pages in detail!