New Course: GLC2O Career Studies

We have launched an updated version of GLC2O Career Studies!

This relaunched course features a fresh style and new content that meets newly announced Ministry expectations. As we continue to launch and relaunch courses at VHS, all will be updated with this new style.

Students in GLC20 plan for their future, exploring paths into the workforce or post-secondary education. Students will create a plan to achieve their financial and career goals, and even create a budget for their first year after high school.

Course Highlights

  • Complete a career portfolio including a cover letter, resume, career plan, and post-secondary budget.
  • Explore paths that can begin in high school and lead to a rewarding career.
  • Learn about management skills, leadership, and workers’ rights.
  • Discover careers that suit your skills and interests.
  • Learn how to save and invest money, obtain funding for post-secondary education, and budget for life after high school.
  • Learn how to create and promote your brand.

Screenshots from GLC2O

New Features

  • New content. Course content has been redeveloped and rewritten to meet new Ministry of Education requirements.
  • Fresh features, layouts, and interactive elements. Everything you see, select, and interact with has a fresh new look.
  • Restructured content. We restructured some content and added examples throughout to make it more practical and hands-on.
  • New skills and portfolio. Develop new skills and create a portfolio of work that you can then use to achieve your future career goals.
  • More opportunities for feedback and self-assessment. This includes new discussions, interactive self-check quizzes, and assessments designed to facilitate meaningful teacher feedback.

Future Studies

Students who enjoy this course might be inspired to pursue future studies in areas of career studies, career counselling, financial advising, and business.