The Math department is pleased to announce the launch of an updated version of the MCR3U course. It is the most popular prerequisite for accessing the university-track set of grade 12 math courses. MCR3U offers opportunities for students to refine their algebraic skills, notation, and analytical habits, along with delving more deeply into the world of functions and their applications. Throughout the course, students will learn to communicate their understanding clearly and explicitly and justify their solutions and reasoning with precision.

Students will study six units in this course:

  1. In the Exploring Functions unit, students will review prior knowledge, expectations for the course, and ramp off into the concepts and use of function notation and properties.
  2. In the Characteristics of Functions unit, students will learn about and apply characteristics of functions pertaining to quadratics, polynomial, radical, and rational functions.
  3. In the Exponential Functions unit, students will review the laws of exponents and learn about exponential function properties, transformations, modelling, and applications.
  4. In the Discrete Functions unit, students will learn about sequences and series, binomial expansion, Pascal’s triangle, and concepts and applications of interests and annuities.
  5. In the Trigonometry unit, students will review concepts of trigonometry, learn about reciprocal trigonometric ratios, sine and cosine laws, solving trigonometric equations, and proving simple trigonometric identities.
  6. In the Trigonometric Functions and Graphs unit, students will learn about trigonometric function properties, transformations, modelling, and applications.
Screenshots from MCR3U.

New in This Edition

The new version has changed the course structure to transition into the rigor of the course expectations with better modelling, more fluidity, and more opportunities for feedback. There are newly revisited assignments, discussions, and quizzes, and there is a new practice exam.

Prerequisite and Future Studies

To be eligible for MCR3U, students must have successfully completed MPM2D: Principles of Mathematics, Grade 10, Academic. Students who enjoy the challenge of problem-solving and systems may seek to pursue studies in mathematics, sciences, engineering, computer science, teaching, business, and so on.