We are delighted to announce the launch of a new version of PPL1O, Health Active Living Education, commonly referred to as “Grade 9 Gym.”

How Is Gym Taught Online?

Online physical education focuses on the teaching of the individual movement skills outlined in the curriculum through offline exploration. Our course and teachers allow students to participate in physical activity in ways that are comfortable, with an emphasis on expanding their understanding of the benefits of being active over the mere execution of a skill or the specific performance in a game or sport. In the units and lessons that address physical activities, students will learn and practice various skill sets associated with each sport and will record themselves completing an activity for their teachers to evaluate via the learning environment.


Mental Health                                                                       

Mental health is an important component of this course that addresses real issues that students experience or face every day. This lesson helps students to better understand, recognize, and address issues they may experience themselves or see in others.


Students have a lot of choice in this course, which provides the freedom to select activities that they are comfortable with and able to do. Completing this course at a more individual pace in a setting where the student is comfortable can be a great option for some students. Whether the student is an established athlete, someone who enjoys sports and games, or someone who has not enjoyed physical activity in the past, the design of the online course allows everyone to appreciate the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle by finding what works for them.

Skill Sets

Transferable, practical skills such as SMART goal setting are learned and practiced. SMART goal setting is something that can be applied to any part of life, making it applicable in the real world.

Case Studies

An engaging component of this new course is the use of case studies. Students will be presented with various real-world examples in which they will problem-solve and apply the skills they’ve learned, equipping them with strategies to handle various situations. These are situations students may face in their day-to-day lives.

About the Course

Our team has thoughtfully created this new version of PPL1O to instill a deep understanding of holistic health, or the overall health of the body, mind, and spirit. In this course, students will learn about physical activity, sports, safety, mental health and mindfulness, sexual health, healthy eating, and more.

Each unit contains practical, transferable knowledge that provides students with awareness and skills they need in real life.

  • Fit for Life → Students will learn about the different aspects of fitness and how to integrate them into an exercise plan.
  • Holistic Eating → Students will learn how to integrate healthy eating habits into their lives through the creation of a food plan.
  • Mindfulness for Holistic Health → Students will focus on their mental well-being, with an emphasis on exploration of mindfulness.
  • Preparing for Emergency Situations → Students will explore the different safety considerations for physical activities.
  • Individual Activity Appreciation and Skill Development → Students will explore different games and activities that they can participate in on their own.
  • Group Activity Appreciation and Skill Development → Students will explore different games and activities that they can participate in as part of a group.
  • Human Health and Behaviour → Students will learn that environmental and social risk factors can affect their mental and physical well-being.

Students in this course will acquire real-life, practical skills and knowledge. Holistic health is a well-rounded approach to life and students will find this course to be informative and relevant. If you have any questions, please contact our Health and Physical Education department head, Timothy Irvine, at Timothy.Irvine@VirtualHighSchool.com.

Check out our demo course to experience lesson pages from this new course!