Virtual High School is thrilled to announce a brand new course offering: SNC4M, Science, a grade 12 university/college preparation course. This course enables students, including those pursuing post-secondary programs that do not focus solely on the sciences, to increase their understanding of science and issues in health-related fields. Students will explore nutritional science, pathogens and disease, a variety of medical technologies, biotechnology, and public health issues:

  • In the Nutritional Science unit, students gain an understanding of how nutrition affects health and how proper nutrition can prevent disease. Students also investigate important macro- and micro-nutrients and processes important in digestion. Students also reflect on how social and behavioural factors influence what we eat.
  • In the Pathogens and Disease unit, students learn about different pathogens and the diseases they cause. The unit begins with a case study exploring the origins of the science of epidemiology (the study of the incidence, prevalence, and possible control of diseases) through the outbreak of cholera in 18th century London and John Snow’s determination of patient zero.
  • In the Medical Technologies unit, students learn about technologies used by physicians to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases. The unit begins with a case study in which a patient presents with an acute, potentially life-threatening condition. Students then diagnose and confirm the diagnosis with a number of test results that are provided as they work through the unit and learn more about medical technologies specific to the case.
  • In the Biotechnology unit, students learn about historical developments and current trends in biotechnology. This unit’s case study asks students to apply their sleuthing skills and basic biotechnology techniques in the analysis of evidence from a crime scene.
  • In the Science and Public Health unit, students examine the basic framework of public health as it exists in municipal, provincial, and federal agencies. The future of public health leaves students with additional ideas to consider on this topic.
Screenshots from SNC4M

This course is useful for anyone interested in pursuing a career in any health-related field, especially epidemiology or public health. This is also an excellent course for students interested in current issues in health and recent advances in technology but are not planning on concentrating specifically on the sciences.

We asked our Science Department Head, Stacy Schulz, to comment on what makes this course unique:

“I think the case studies set SNC4M apart from other science courses. We are taking a real-world approach to learning about medical technologies and health issues. This engaging approach encourages students to become actively involved in problem-solving. This pedagogy, called problem-based learning, is largely student-centered. The other unique thing is that the case studies are presented in small pieces of information, and students then analyze and reflect on what they know. This course is also unlike other science courses in that there are more opportunities to participate in discussions on a wide variety of topics in each unit. The discussions allow students to relate personal experience to what they are learning in the course.”

We look forward to having students complete this exciting new course!

To be eligible for SNC4M, students must have successfully completed Science, Grade 10, Academic, or any Grade 11 university, university/college, or college preparation course in science.