Virtual High School’s sister company, Virtual Elementary School (VES), is excited to announce the launch of three new junior math courses! The grades 4–6 courses are now available in addition to the grades 1–3 math courses launched earlier this year.

Building on the foundational math concepts and skills established in Grades 1–3 math, Grades 4–6 math develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. They provide opportunities for students to communicate and talk about math, and promote a positive math mindset. Through storylines featuring relatable characters, students see math at work in everyday contexts.

All Ontario curriculum expectations are covered in the courses, with thorough teaching through prior learning activities, examples, consolidation, and assessments. The lessons incorporate eye-catching videos and infographics, engaging step-by-step explanations of new strategies, and opportunities to develop a growth mindset.

A variety of unplug activities and interactive games and quizzes have been incorporated to provide ample opportunities for students to practice new learning and receive feedback.

The VES team is currently developing new grade 7 and 8 courses to complete the elementary math suite. Learn more about our new math courses here.