Virtual High School’s sister company, Virtual Elementary School (VES), has officially launched revamped Grades 7 and 8 mathematics courses. This completes the brand-new Grades 1–8 mathematics suite. Here is what these new courses are designed to do:

Build an Understanding of Fundamental Concepts

Students develop a solid understanding of fundamental concepts through comprehensive teaching, engaging multimedia, interactive activities, and hands-on worksheets.

Screenshot of an interactive activity.

Foster a Positive Math Mindset

Our courses engage students by showing math at work in everyday contexts, motivating them to apply new learning in meaningful ways. Students are encouraged to view mistakes as part of the learning process.

Encourage Communication

Students are encouraged throughout the courses to use new math vocabulary, both orally and in writing. These integrated opportunities help students to communicate their thinking clearly and effectively.

Our new courses prepare students for Grade 9 Mathematics and beyond. You can view some sample content from the new mathematics courses here.