Virtual High School’s hometown of Bayfield, Ontario has been making the news lately for its initiative to be a plastic-free community—the first community to be recognized as such in North America, in fact.

A grassroots group called Blue Bayfield has worked hard to make this a reality for Bayfield by taking steps to reduce plastic usage throughout the village. The idea is not to get rid of everything plastic, but to eliminate single-use plastics in businesses and homes where possible. The group pushed for the installation of five water bottle refill stations throughout the town and have worked with many local restaurants to eliminate the use of plastic straws and water bottles, among other efforts. It’s initiatives like Blue Bayfield that make a big difference, and we hope to see more communities join this movement to improve the health of our planet. We are very proud to be part of the Bayfield community.

The Bayfield Beach

At VHS, we are looking for ways that we can eliminate single-use plastics. Eliminating the use of plastic stir sticks for coffee at our office and serving water in compostable cups at our annual Run4Kids event are two areas we are committed to, to start. We also compost in the office using compostable bags in stainless steel pails. We are excited to discover other areas that we can reduce our plastic usage and implement other environmentally friendly practices. Small steps can result in big change!

Clan Gregor Square in Bayfield

To learn more about Blue Communities, visit canadians.org/bluecommunities.

To learn about other plastic-free communities, visit sas.org.uk/communities-near-me.