cv-innovationPolar Expressions Publishing is holding its 13th annual poetry and short story contests for students. Polar Expressions does not charge an entry fee and offers great prizes to students from different grade levels (kindergarten to Grade 12). If your work is selected, it will be published in a collection in early June. 

The rules listed at the website are important to note, particularly that short stories must be 450 words or less and poems must be 32 lines or less. The site also offers some topic ideas, but remember that uniqueness has its own appeal. Try to take a different angle in your writing, something that intrigues your readers immediately. 

In 2016, six Virtual High School students, out of thousands of entries, made it through the first round of the short story contest. If your entry makes the top three, you will receive special prizes:1105516_com_polarexpre

  • A cash prize (over $9000 is awarded in cash prizes!)
  • Your story, published in a collection that you will receive at no cost to you
  • Other gifts and rewards

Poetry deadline: November 16, 2018

Short Story deadline: November 23, 2018

Pens and keyboards, ready? Start writing!

For more details and to enter, visit PolarExpressionsPublishing.ca.