As we round the final corner of 2014, we wanted to take some time to reflect on all of the events that have taken place this year.  From babies to new companies, many exciting things happened in 2014!

  • Ashley and Mitch Homuth welcomed Hunter in March. This was followed by Lisa and Lance Bedard welcoming baby Brooks in April. May 2014 brought the arrivals of Emma (Vanessa and Paul Arts) and Nico (Tony and Myra Stecca). Brody Drennan (Jenna and Dan Drennan) was born in June!
  • VHS created and launched a new company called Hekademia in June 2014. Hekademia is an online competency course provider in the United States. The experience of Hekademia comes from years of experience at VHS working with students and teachers in an online learning environment. We are excited to see what Hekademia brings in 2015!
  • VHS welcomed new staff across departments to meet the needs of our growing school and to provide support during the maternity leaves. Kendra Falconer, Chris Hamelin, Annemarie Pedersen, Hayley Morgan, Ben de Groot, Emily Douwes, Ron Will, Mike King, and Michael Del Vecchio all joined the VHS ranks in 2014.
  • VHS welcomed over 20 new teachers to our growing teacher team. VHS teachers are an integral part of VHS’s success, and we are excited to have such a talented community of teachers!
  • At the beginning of 2014, VHS set a goal of creating 1000 videos in the Math department. This was an enormous task that the math and multimedia departments accepted. To date, approximately 700 videos have been produced. Considering the number of projects that popped up to deter their progress (i.e. Hekademia), they are well on the way to accomplishing their goal!
  • VHS launched several brand new courses in 2014, including, ESLBO, HHS4U, HHS4C, HSB4U, AMU4M, FSF4U, FSF1P, MHF4U, ICS4U, and CGC1D. Stay tuned… there are all kinds of exciting new course developments for 2015!
  • Social media galore! VHS is thrilled about all of the new twitter accounts and staff participation in social media efforts. In 2014, the English department (@VHSEngDept), Computer Studies department (@VHSCompSci), Math department (@VHSMathDept), Social Sciences department (@VHS_SSDept) and Canadian and World Studies department (@VHS_CWSDept) have all created twitter accounts. Follow us (and @TheRealVHS) for the latest updates!
  • In addition to all of these accomplishments, we have seen immense growth in our staff with new initiatives and committees being established over the past year. In addition, we see a growing community of professional educators sharing and learning from one another. As we enter 2015, we want to thank all of our teachers for their hard work and dedication to VHS—we are proud of all of the success and growth in 2014 and cannot wait to see what’s next as we start a new year! Happy Holidays and all the best as 2015 arrives!