cv-respectNovember 5-11 marks Remembrance Week, a period of time in which we reflect on the price paid for our freedom. Our remembrance of the sacrifices others have made for our freedom lives on throughout the year, but this week is home to many events, activities, and ceremonies that pay special honour, respect, and appreciation to our veterans and to those who continue to serve our country. Over 2.3 million Canadians have served our country over the years, and over 118,000 have given their lives in war so that we may live in peace today. Of those who did return home, many were (and are) forced to endure the mental and physical scars of war. On Remembrance Day and during the Week, we take time to remember the courage of these individuals, and we acknowledge our responsibility to continue to work for peace.

Here are some ways that you can get involved in Remembrance Week:

  1. Observe a moment of silence on November 11th
  2. Wear a poppy
  3. Learn

Take some time to research and learn more about why Remembrance is important. A great resource is www.veterans.gc.ca, which allows you to acquaint yourselves with history, read stories from war, and learn about individuals.

Canada Remembers Times (2017)a learning resource designed for students in grades 7-12, includes stories about Canadian efforts in the World War I and World War II, the Korean War, and in post-war Canadian Armed Forces efforts. It also introduces and enhances everyone’s understanding of the concepts peace, war, and remembrance.


  1. Write to the Troops

Send a message to those currently serving in the Canadian Armed Forces to thank them for their dedication and sacrifice. Write to the troops.

  1. Make Valentines for Vets

Veterans Affairs Canada invites Canadians to make Valentines for Veterans. The Valentines are then distributed to Veterans living in long-term care facilities across Canada. Send a Valentine.

  1. Participate in Social Media Discussions

Social media is a powerful way to converse about Remembrance Week.  Change your Facebook cover photo, put a poppy on your profile picture, and use #CanadaRemembers in your posts. See more social media ideas for Remembrance Week.

  1. Attend an Event

Many events occur during this week to commemorate Remembrance Day. Find one in your area

Visit Ways to Remember to see other ways you can get involved.