Stacy Schulz, HB.Sc., E.Ed., OCT

Stacy loves learning. After she graduated from the University of Toronto with her Honours Bachelor of Science, she actually took an “ology” year at university in which she spent a year dropping in to the many science courses that she wanted to learn about; much like Steve Jobs quitting Reed College and then spending the next two years attending classes he was curious about (learning gained from intuition later turned out to be very helpful in designing the Mac). VHS expects that Stacy’s love of learning will be infectious and that the teachers and students taking Science courses will soon begin to feel the same way as she does as she begins to affect the instructional design of the VHS courses.

Stacy has also filled the role of Orthopedic Research Coordinator for the Division of Orthopedic Surgery at the Toronto Western Hospital. After attaining her Bachelor of Education from York University, she became the Director of the Science Department at a private school for dedicated elite athletes where she also taught both chemistry and biology courses. She has been involved as a traveling scientist with the Scientists in School Program.

This year Stacy made the move from Toronto to the village of Bayfield in Huron County. Here Stacy will be instructional designer for the nine science courses currently being offered at Virtual High School. In addition Stacy will be working with potential science course writers coordinating the writing of new science courses. Stacy is a member of both the Ontario College of Teachers as well as the Science Teachers Association of Ontario, since 2006.

One of her favourite quotes comes from Albert Einstein, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”