#StandForCanada Youth Challenge

What does it mean to be Canadian?

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, students are invited to participate in a national challenge to demonstrate their Canadian pride! Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), CBC/Radio Canada, and CIBC are asking students (grades K-12) to submit a drawing, video, photograph, painting, or craft for a chance to win Canada 150 prizes.

Start by reflecting on some of these questions:

  • How do you feel about living in a society in which people treat each other with respect?
  • Is it important to you that Canadians recognize and value the contributions of Indigenous people and individuals from all cultures and faiths?
  • When you think of living in Canada, is it important to you to have your voice heard?
  • Who are some Canadians you admire? Consider celebrities, athletes, or everyday heroes in your own communities.

“#StandForCanada Youth Challenge.” CBCnews. CBC/Radio Canada, n.d. Web. 5 May 2017. <http://www.cbc.ca/curiostandforcanada/>.

To learn more about the contest rules and prizes, visit www.cbc.ca/curiostandforcanada/rules.

Submit your entry here. Final deadline: May 31, 2017