Meet Charlie! He is a grade 12 student currently attending a public high school in Toronto. Outside school, he enjoys playing soccer and piano, but he is also an active volunteer at a local hospital and care home. Charlie plans to continue his studies at the University of Toronto‘s St. George campus next fall where he hopes to realize his dream of becoming an ophthalmologist. Charlie came to Virtual High School to earn the credits that he was unable to complete at his home school.

SeungHo_Choi-photoCharlie is also one of our recipients of the John Smallwood Bursary which makes VHS courses accessible to a wide socio-economic range of students by offering the full tuition cost of one VHS course to a student who requires financial support.

We asked Charlie about his experience with Virtual High School. Here is his story:

As a day school student in need of two additional credits, I was not sure where I could obtain them. So after I heard about Virtual High School, I knew I needed to give it a try. When I first enrolled in Ms. Ruddick’s philosophy course (HZB3M), I found the interface unfamiliar. Therefore, I questioned whether online learning was the right choice. However, I soon realized it was only my lack of motivation that prevented me from completing work. Virtual High School provides each of its students with an environment that encourages us to succeed, and this is what led me to take a second course here. I did this with the help of the John Smallwood Bursary which really shows how much the school is devoted to students from all backgrounds. Though I have yet to really get going on MDM4U, I look forward to dipping my feet in an area that I am new to. Knowing that I have a supportive teacher, Mr. Armitage, available to me gives me the confidence to reach my goals. Thank you VHS!

In addition to the John Smallwood Bursary, VHS also offers the Julie O’Rourke Memorial Scholarship. The value of this scholarship is $1000 and is intended to assist students pursuing post-secondary studies in fine arts.

We encourage eligible students to apply for our scholarship and bursary opportunities!

  • Tony Stecca

    Congratulations Charlie!