Ethan Sommer is a 13 year old grade eight student from a small town called Dungannon, Ontario, that is fairly local to Virtual High School. He lives with his parents and sister as well as his cat, two dogs, and eleven chickens in an off-grid home that the family powers with solar and wind energy. Ethan has been homeschooled throughout his elementary years and has taken courses with Virtual Elementary School (VES) since grade six.

Ethan is a well-rounded young student with a vast array of interests. He loves exploring the outdoors and spends a lot of time running, biking, and camping with his family during the warmer months. He maintains an interest in the arts as well, having acted in a number of productions put on by a local youth theatre company. In addition to acting, he actively attends piano lessons and sings in a youth choir. 

Recently, another one of Ethan’s interests has garnered positive attention. This past fall, Ethan entered his short story “Lemonade Stand” into a national student writing contest held by Polar Expressions Publishing. His story was selected as a finalist and will be featured in their publication later this spring. Ethan has always had an enthusiasm for writing and creating stories, and this success proves how his limitless imagination has helped him become quite the storyteller. The title of his story, “Lemonade Stand,” indicates his natural entrepreneurial spirit. Ethan is always exploring and developing new small business concepts.   

The flexibility VES grants students has been a great benefit to Ethan. He loves moving at his own pace while pursuing his various interests. Once he finishes his Grade 8 courses, he plans to begin Virtual High School (VHS) courses to earn his Ontario Secondary School Diploma online. After high school, Ethan wants to pursue entrepreneurship and continue acting. With his ambition and multitude of interests, we are confident Ethan will be successful in any future endeavour he pursues. Way to go, Ethan!