Meet Megan Pitre! Megan has been a student at Virtual High School for 3 years. Enrolling at Virtual High School in grade 9 enabled Megan to spend more time training for competitive show jumping. She is currently competing and training in Florida while completing her remaining grade 11 courses. Megan values the flexibility that studying with VHS has given her because she now has the opportunity to excel in show jumping, all while earning her Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Most importantly, Megan says, “I have been able to achieve a much more balanced lifestyle in which I have time for everything I enjoy.”  In addition to show jumping and school, Megan enjoys running, cycling, painting, reading, practising yoga, and playing piano. Megan’s experience at VHS has been entirely enjoyable:

Having time for these things, along with my school and training schedule, is very important to me as I am a strong believer in always making time for the things I enjoy. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences through Virtual High School. Every single one of my teachers has guided me through my courses, giving me as much help as I need at any given point.

Additionally, Megan has been able to complete her courses more quickly than if she had taken them in a bricks-and-mortar school. Megan highly values both school and her hobbies, so VHS has allowed her to achieve excellent results in all of her many activities. Her grades are important to her as she plans to become a naturopathic doctor in the future!

Virtual High School wishes Megan the best of luck in her show jumping career and all of her other endeavours!