Dabirichi_Njere-PhotoMeet Dabirichi! You might also know him as “Chidumam” or “Andrew.” At Virtual High School, we know him as Dabirichi.

Dabirichi is one of our international students from one of our Nigerian partnerships. Virtual High School works with the International Learning Network, where students in Nigeria are enrolled in a Canadian Pre-University Program.

Dabirichi is the third of four children in his family. His father runs a law firm, and his mother is banker. Dabirichi has been in school since the age of three. When discussing his hobbies, Dabirichi says his first is his passion to learn new things. He understands the importance of education and the impact it can have on his life. When he’s not working on his courses, Dabirichi also enjoys watching scary movies and tinkering with electronic gadgets.

Dabirichi believes that if he sets his mind to something, he can do it! He hopes to become a computer scientist, and with that attitude, we are sure he can achieve his goals.

Dabirichi first stood out as an inspirational student when he shared with us a poem he wrote for his grade 10 English course. Through this powerful poem titled, “The Country Nigeria,” Dabirichi discusses the darkness that he sees within Nigeria and his dream of brighter days.

We asked Dabirichi to tell us about his experience with Virtual High School. Here is his story:

I would like to first say a big thank you to Ms Stephanie Casemore, because she has made a big impact where I am concerned. When I first began with Virtual High school, I found every course that I took a bit too challenging, and to be honest, I was scared to even attempt them. The first thing I did with my English course, ENG2D h1, was to send an email to my teacher, Ms Stephanie Casemore, explaining to her how I was finding the course. I let her know that I felt that I would not be able to achieve anything in it. After I had sent the email, I expected her response to be very limited like, “Oh, sorry”, only because that was what I was used to from teachers when I had told them my problems with other courses, but that was not what I received from her. I was so surprised at her response because it was so warm and encouraging. She asked what I didn’t understand and told me not to worry that everything would be all right.

The response I got from her made me feel so encouraged that I could take the course even though this would be my first time ever attempting this kind of curriculum. I once submitted an assignment, and when the feedback was sent to me, it was so detailed and easy to understand that it made me very confident because of the level of encouragement I received in the feedback. I will say that Virtual High School has helped me in so many ways. Most importantly,  VHS has increased my level of confidence. Virtual High School has made me a more disciplined person when it comes to my academics. It has increased my level of thinking and made me more practical. This is the best educational experience I have ever had. Virtual High School also allows for flexibility to bring out the best in it students.

Dabirichi says he wants to be remembered “alongside great names like Newton and Einstein.” We are glad to be a part of Dabirichi’s journey to achieve great things.