Meet Emrald! Emrald was a student with Virtual High School for four years and completed several courses with us. Recently, she earned her Ontario Secondary School Diploma through VHS. Emrald is a shining example of one of our talented students.

Emrald discovered her passion for writing in grade nine. Since then, Emrald has been working towards becoming a writer. Prose is her favourite genre, and she counts fantasy, mystery, and adventure as her favourite forms of fiction. “As you may suspect, I am an avid reader,” Emrald shared with us.

When Emrald was younger, she preferred numbers over words. But when her mother introduced her to Nancy Drew, her world changed as she explains that she “fell in love with Nancy Drew mystery novels.” Some of her other favourite authors today include Kathy Reichs, Kelley Armstrong, Richelle Mead, Y. S. Lee, Meg Cabot, and J. K. Rowling.

Emrald’s other interests include baking, running, the martial arts, and gaming. For as long as she can remember, she has been playing video games. In the 1990s, Emrald would borrow her father’s and grandfather’s “big, clunky” computers so that she could play her video games. Today, Emrald has adopted more modern technologies such as her PS4 to host her games.

We asked Emrald to tell us about her experiences with Virtual High School. Here is her story:

At first I was interested in studying architecture or interior designing. However, those interests seemed to fade as I became more involved with my VHS courses. Instead, through the guidance and feedback of my teachers, a new interest prevailed, one I had not taken into consideration before: writing. With the encouragement brought on by my educators, I was able to realize my love and passion for the written word.

The Virtual High School staff have always been there for me. I cannot count how many times they have helped me overcome any obstacle or confusion I encountered. For a short while, I was even tutored by VHS’s Math department. Within a few sessions, the concepts, which I had previously found difficult to understand, made complete sense. The understanding and support I have received from Virtual High School have been uplifting and never-ending.

I would like to thank VHS. Not only have they educated me in creative and inspiring ways, but the school’s teachers have also taught me about responsibility and time management. If it had not been for their support I would not be on the road to studying Creative Writing and Literature in university today. It has been an adventure, and I find it hard to believe four years have passed by so quickly. But you know what they say. . .time flies when you’re having fun. Thank you, VHS!

Emrald has always been a delightful student, and we wish her the best in her future endeavours!