Meet Marco Tochijara!

At VHS, Marco is known for being a pleasant, diligent, and hardworking student. Before switching to online schooling, Marco was homeschooled. Two years ago, Marco enrolled in VHS after attending another online school because he had heard that Virtual High School would be better able assist him in achieving his goal of entering the university of his choice – but he also knew that he would have to learn to manage his time and that he would have to work  hard. His future career is still unknown, but he is interested in both criminology and architecture, so he is planning to apply to both programs. Maybe the Architectural Design and Criminology program at the University of Derby would be a good fit!

We asked Marco to share his story with us:

I have really enjoyed VHS throughout my two years. All the teachers have proven to be very helpful and kind. I can ask any question without feeling like I will be looked down upon or treated as a fool. Every question I have asked has been answered with a full explanation, no matter how simple and basic it was. Sometimes teachers would go a step further and send a document with a step by step process of how to do something. Since reading and applying what you learn is hard enough, knowing you have teachers who are always there for you to make sure you understand the material is an extremely comforting thought, and I am extremely grateful to them all. VHS has prepared me for university, as it has guided me well on how to organize my own schedule. Not only has VHS taught me a lot, but it has also been an extremely fun schooling experience. I actually look forward to start my day with school.

As Marco mentioned, VHS courses prepare students for university by requiring that students learn to organize their own schedules. And. . .the courses are fun! Learn more about our courses.