Meet William Murrill, a student who has been studying with Virtual High School (VHS) since 2010. He came to VHS to experience the extra flexibility he needed in his education, and has found great success in doing so. He has been achieving top marks in all of his courses and is now in the process of applying for creative writing and screenwriting programs at York University in Toronto. 

William is on the Autism Spectrum and has Dysgraphia, and while William can have difficulty in organizing his thoughts, the opportunity to take the time he needed in preparing his assignments allowed him to excel in everything he did. “Even as a grade ten student, he was writing at at least a grade twelve level, and his work has only continued to improve,” says Mr. Smallwood, one of William’s teachers and VHS English Department Head. William has also gained confidence in his writing and presentation skills. He comments here on how his experiences at Virtual High School and have led to his success:

“I had a positive experience with Virtual High School. Besides receiving the time and flexibility that I needed and would not have had at a brick-and-mortar school, I received constant and supportive feedback that helped refine my writing. This was especially the case with my English courses. The marking schemes on tests and assignments are tougher than in brick-and-mortar schools I have encountered, but they also gave my results more validity and gave me more personal satisfaction. The feedback I received was also constant, and I had the luxury to receive it in a fast and timely manner … Overall, I received more hands-on support than I would have had elsewhere, and I am much better for it.”


Mr. Smallwood shares his perspective on their collaborative writing partnership:

“A few days ago, I received a message from William. I had been his teacher in the ENG2D course, or rather, we had entered into a collaborative partnership in which I coached him in his writing and advised him in how he might approach topics. As is always the case with highly motivated students, I learned as much, or perhaps more than William did as he always applied extremely creative yet highly disciplined thinking and writing to his assignments. He took his time, and found that VHS’s policies that allow up to eighteen months in which to complete courses worked perfectly for him. In that same message, William mentioned that he plans to study creative writing and possibly screenwriting at York University in Toronto next year. He couldn’t have chosen more appropriate disciplines. We at VHS are proud of William who in his modest, thoughtful way has been one of our most consistently successful students. Congratulations, William, and best wishes for the future. Do keep in touch.”

We are proud to have been a part of William’s educational journey and we wish him the best at university!