We can all agree that one of the greatest advantages of globe-trotting is getting the opportunity to experience different cuisines. While we can’t do much about the travel restrictions in the world right now, we CAN introduce you to Sahil Omair, one of our favourite up-and-coming chefs!

Born in Canada, raised in Dubai, and currently living in Pakistan, Sahil Omair knows a thing or two about international dishes. At just 15, Sahil already knows that he wants to pursue a career as a chef because he loves to see how much joy food can bring to the people he cooks for. In order to start preparing for his dream job, Sahil enrolled in the Pakistan branch of the School of Culinary and Finishing Arts (SCAFA) this September:

“Cooking has always been a thing that used to satisfy me, and I always wished to learn how to make different foods. I have now perfected every dish I know how to make, which is more than 40 dishes!”

While admittedly delicious, culinary school has also proven to be a lot of hard work! Sahil is required to attend classes for four hours each weekday, with exams scheduled for every Friday. On exam days, he must prepare meals for the teacher to judge the taste, presentation, and technique of the dishes. However, Sahil is also allowed to eat everything he makes and even takes some items home to his family!

Although Sahil originally enrolled at Virtual High School due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he has quickly realized that his decision to choose VHS is also beneficial for his future career aspirations:

“VHS has excellent flexibility as I can study at my own pace, and I am not being forced into waking up earlier to study. This way I can do both my culinary school and VHS, along with other daily activities.”

Eventually, Sahil plans to return to living in Canada and knows that his Virtual High School experience will lend itself well to a smooth integration with the Canadian education system. Until then, he plans to keep expanding his knowledge of the culinary world this year and studying his cooking idol, Gordon Ramsay:

“Gordon Ramsay is obviously an inspiration to every chef there is as he is not only the best at cooking, but also very funny and enjoyable to watch.”

When he’s not busy in the kitchen, Sahil enjoys watching shows on Netflix, like Squid Game, Lucifer, and Money Heist. He’s also an avid gamer in the realm of Fortnite and Valorant. An active member of our VHS student community at meet-and-greet sessions, Sahil is always interested in virtually meeting fellow gamers and forming new friendships!

After he completes high school, Sahil plans to attend university while drafting plans for opening his own restaurant. He intends to work at least part-time for another restaurant in order to gain more cooking experience, but he already has a solid idea for his own menu. We speak for everyone when we say we can’t wait to see the incredible dishes this young man will create for the world one day! We’ll be standing in line with the rest of his dedicated customers, stomachs grumbling over the scrumptious smells wafting out the door.