cv-innovationMeet Alexander Romancia-Bishay, an 18 year old student from Nova Scotia. Alexander was born on the west coast of Canada and spent his early years in various parts of British Columbia. When Alexander was 12, he and his family traveled across Canada and the United States before moving to Ontario where they ran a small business. For the next three years, he and his family moved back and forth between Ontario and Mexico, spending the warmer months in Ontario and the winter months in Mexico. In 2014, they moved to Nova Scotia where he enrolled at Central Kings Rural High School which he attended for the remainder of his high school career – graduating a semester early!

In April 2017, Alexander and his family moved back to Ontario, just in time for him to receive his award for placing 3rd in the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Climate Change Essay Challenge. The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) asked grade 12 students to imagine that it was the year 2067 and to explain how Canada would be playing a role in ending climate change. The CIGI says of the winners, “their submissions didn’t disappoint.”

Alexander comments on his opportunity to participate in the Essay Challenge:

“Without Virtual High School, I never would have been able to participate in the essay contest. The contest was exclusively for grade 12 students from Ontario schools. With my enrollment in VHS, I was thus able to participate. So I owe you guys credit for making this possible.”

Alexander has been an avid writer since 2010. He enjoys writing fiction for the most part, but he also likes writing essays – and, evidently, is quite talented at it! Alexander enrolled at VHS to complete prerequisite requirements for university. He plans to continue pursuing his passion for writing while he enters a Liberal Arts program at the University of Windsor. He is also quite interested in business, so he is also keeping open the opportunity to switch programs if he decides to do so later on by completing the required prerequisites through VHS.  

We congratulate Alexander on his phenomenal achievement in the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Climate Change Essay Challenge and wish him the best as he begins his studies in university.

Alexander is just one of many VHS students who have gone on to excel in academics, athletics, the arts, and the workplace. It has been an honor to have had you working with us, and we wish all of you great success.