Summer School Your Way

Are you worried that summer school is going to hinder your summer plans? Do you think taking courses over the summer is going to prevent you from getting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather? What if there were a way to further your education and still enjoy your summer holidays?

There are many reasons why students decide to continue their studies throughout the summer.

  • Students may need to upgrade a mark in order to maintain a conditional offer to their post-secondary program of choice.
  • Students may need to repeat a failed course.
  • Students may want to free up their timetable for the upcoming school year.

Whatever your reason is for taking a course over the summer, VHS has you covered.

Summer school at VHS is different than you might expect. Our student-centered approach to learning puts you in control of your education. Our flexible, self-paced courses allow you to complete your course your way, on your time.

What are the benefits of taking a summer course at VHS?

  1. You can repeat a course and upgrade marks for post-secondary applications. Learn more about upgrade/repeat courses.
  2. You can repeat a failed course in order to earn the credit.
  3. You can free up your timetable for the upcoming school year.
  4. You can reach ahead from elementary school to high school.

Our courses follow the Ontario Curriculum, and we are inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Once enrolled, you have up to 18 months to complete your course. You have the option to choose how quickly to move through your studies.

There is even an option if you need to finish your course in a very tight timeline. For an additional fee, you may fast-track your course by registering for a fast track course beginning June 17th. Fast track courses have faster turnaround times for assignments. Stay tuned to the P.A. and VHS social media channels for an announcement about fast track courses coming to you soon.

Upon successful completion of a course, you are granted an Ontario Secondary School Diploma credit. VHS will send the report to your high school where the course will be added to your transcript. We can also inform the OUAC, OCAS, or your post-secondary institution that you’re taking the course with us—just ask us to!

Summer school doesn’t have to dominate your schedule or prevent you from missing out on the summer activities you love. Whether you have a trip planned, are heading to the cottage, or are working to save money for school, VHS can help you balance your educational needs with your busy summer schedule.

Watch this video to learn more about how Virtual High School works:

All courses include FREE online tutoring!

If you have any questions, we’d be happy to hear from you—contact us!

Join our online Summer School Open House on Thursday, June 20, or Wednesday, June 26, to learn more about fast track courses and summer school with VHS. Learn more.