Teacher Appreciation Day

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day to all of our wonderful teachers at Virtual High School! It’s been an immensely challenging year, but teachers all across the globe have continued to do what they do best: educate, support, and inspire. Their dedication to their students is nothing short of heroic, and we are so grateful to have some of the best teachers around working for VHS.

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out what our students had to say about some of their favourite VHS teachers.


“My teacher is very friendly. She is always quick to respond to emails and grades work very quickly, while providing great feedback and support for future assignments. She is very kind and helpful. Happy Teacher Appreciation Day, Ms. Armitage!”


“Ms. Bains always highlights the good things I did and constructively tells me how to improve, and always leaves words of encouragement and motivation. It is a small thing, but it makes all the difference for me. Thank you, Ms. Bains!”


“I really appreciate the kind and non-judgmental feedback from Ms. Crooke. She clearly explains what I could improve on and encourages me to do better! I can see how much my writing has improved with Ms. Crooke’s feedback and help. I wish her the best and would like her to know that I am very thankful for all her effort.”


“I am happy that I immediately fell into the hands of such a professional in the teaching field! I am grateful to her for everything! This person helped me to deal with the functionality of the platform at first and understand the Canadian education system as a whole. Thanks to Ms. Ginn, I realized how important it is to not only understand the task and give a full answer to the question, but also to format it correctly. I also learned a lot of new words and phrases and clearly came close to overcoming the language barrier! Many emotions overwhelm me now while I am writing this. Thank you, Ms. Ginn!”


“Ms. Hemingway is incredibly kind, empathetic, and understanding. She always provides super clear clarification and feedback on my assignments, goes above and beyond to help me reach my deadlines for university, and is really easy and fun to talk to in emails. Despite not having met her in person, I can confidently say she’s one of the most helpful, approachable, and overall awesome teachers I’ve ever had!”


“My ENG4U teacher, Ms. Laker, is very supportive and accessible. I took this course to improve my university admission prospects. As a working mother of 3 very active boys, I wouldn’t have successfully completed my course but for Ms. Laker’s guidance. She was always willing to review my draft assignments, and her feedback helped a great deal. Also, Ms. Laker grades in a very timely manner and is prompt in replying to emails. So, on this day, I just want to say thank you, Ms. Laker, for being an amazing teacher!”


“Ms. Lloyd always provided me with helpful and kind feedback, sharing ways that I could improve not only as a student, but also as a thinker and member of society in general. Ms. Lloyd made the content even more interesting by sharing additional resources and encouraging us to think beyond the scope of the course itself. She is a fantastic teacher who makes her students feel capable and safe.”


“Mr. Silver made me a better student. He has helped prepare me in so many ways for university next year, and I can honestly say I feel so much more confident that I will succeed and do well because of the high expectations he had for me in the course. Thank you, Mr. Silver!”