Meet Ms. Katherine Stevenson, a teacher in our Social Sciences and Humanities department. She currently teaches HSB4U, Challenge and Change in Society, as well as HFA4U, our new Nutrition and Health course!

Ms. Stevenson has always been passionate about teaching. She first began teaching swimming at age 16 and has been teaching a variety of subjects ever since. In addition to teaching, Ms. Stevenson loves to travel and has had the good fortune to teach overseas. Her first international experience was in a semester abroad program in Singapore. She explored Southeast Asia when she was not studying. In 2004, after graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Education, she moved to Birmingham, UK where she worked for six months in a lovely school called Swanshurst.

Next on her list was a year in Taiwan where she gained a love of hiking in the mountains and fried egg pancakes. When her contract was completed, she decided that it might be time to move home for a while, so she took a position teaching Social Studies in a small, rural school in Northern Alberta where she now resides. 

In 2010, she began teaching English as a Second Language, and she and her husband began building their dream home. She received her Master’s degree in Adult Education and Equity Studies in 2013 just after her family’s three-year home-building process was complete.  Presently, along with her teaching at VHS, Ms. Stevenson works at an adult education centre where she helps newcomers to Canada learn about the country. She also teaches these students English.  When she’s helping people learn, she’s happy!

When she’s not teaching, you can find her hiking, fishing, or camping with her husband, two young sons, and their dog, Ramón. She enjoys learning and is currently studying Spanish and planning the family’s next trip to Central America.

Ms. Stevenson’s years of experience in many different environments will certainly enrich the experiences for students at VHS. We are happy to have her join our teaching team!