Mr. Stephen Armitage calls himself an Ultimate Frisbee player. We call him the ultimate teacher!


Stephen earned his B.Sc. in Theoretical Physics in 2005, his M.Sc. in Medical Biophysics in 2008, and his B.Ed. in 2009. During his Master’s program, his project was based on optimizing a micro computed-tomography scanning protocol for pre-clinical studies of heart disease in mice. His paper is available here.


Mr. Armitage currently teaches MCR3U, MCV4U, and MDM4U at VHS and has been teaching with VHS for four years. His comments on teaching with VHS follow:

I enjoy working with students from all over the world, and I find the quality of students that I get at VHS are excellent.  Helping students achieve their goals, even when they have tight timelines, is very rewarding to me.  I love getting emails from students who have succeeded in their goals and are now able to move on to the next challenge in their lives.

He also teaches at bricks and mortar schools. Currently, he is teaching math and science in his hometown of Peterborough and in the surrounding area. He coaches cross-country, hockey, and ultimate Frisbee. As an Ultimate Frisbee enthusiast, he recently started a new high school Ultimate Frisbee league in the Peterborough area so that students can have more opportunities to play.

In the evenings, Mr. Armitage returns to his alma mater, Trent University, to teach in the physics department.  One of his favourite courses to teach here is a third-year Astrobiology course, which looks into conditions that are required for life to start elsewhere in the universe.


When Mr. Armitage isn’t teaching, he’s playing sports. As he says, “Playing sports is what makes me excited to wake up every day.”  He played many different sports as a child, including hockey, soccer, and baseball. He has also competed in rowing. He began track & field and found that this was a sport he excelled in. He won gold in OFSAA in the 800 m and silver medal in the 1500 m.  He continued running in university and won a Canadian University Championships gold medal in the 4 x 800 m. In his fourth year of university, he ended his track & field career and began playing Ultimate Frisbee.  In 2012, he decided to try out for the first professional Ultimate team in Canada, the Toronto Rush.  He is now is his fourth season with the  Rush.  They are part of the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) which is the first professional ultimate league in the world. In their first season, they won the AUDL championship, and they are hoping to win back the championship trophy this year.


The World Ultimate & Guts Championships, which are separate from the AUDL, are held every four years.  In 2016, the world championships will be held in London, England from June 17 – 26th.  Mr. Armitage has been selected as a member of Team Canada and will participate in the master’s division at the World Championships. He is very excited to be representing his country at this event.  He says, “We have a good shot at winning the tournament, and we are going there with the intention of bringing back the gold medal.”


Mr. Armitage says that all of his achievements are possible because of his family:

I have been married to my wife Jennie for almost nine years, and I have two beautiful boys, Cayden (age 5) and Ashton (19 months).  I love being a father, and I cherish the opportunities to see all the wonders the world has to offer through the eyes of my boys.  My wife and I love spending time together at the cottage, going water-skiing, and watching movies.


A note from VHS: Mr. Armitage is an inspiring teacher. He is incredibly passionate about and busy with sports, his family, and his other past-times, but he always makes time for his students and works extremely hard with them to ensure they meet their goals. He is a highly valued member of the math team here at Virtual High School. Thank you, Mr. Armitage, and best of luck at the World Ultimate & Guts Championships!